Inflatable kayak reviews


I started this website in order to provide impartial advice about inflatable kayaks. I aim to deliver quality kayak reviews and information about kayaking, kayak equipment and good places around NZ to go kayaking, this also includes canoes and canoeing.

I try my best to review each kayak according to the best information I can obtain. This includes, where possible, using the kayak or failing that visiting the kayak in a shop or other place where it is possible to see and touch it and gauge the quality.

The reviews are unbiased and impartial, offering the pluses and minuses of each craft, as I see them.

Expert Kayak Reviews

This is what I am calling reviews where the inflatable kayak is actually used by myself or a writer for this website. These reviews will be more in depth and contain actual real-life experience of the canoe or kayak in the wild!

If you are a kayak manufacturer or retailer and would like an expert review where the kayak is trialed and used for a trip, then please get in touch. The more information I can share about each kayak the better for both consumer and retailer.

You can get in touch with us through the contact form.

Image by Barry Jones from Pixabay