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  • INTEX Challenger K2

    INTEX Challenger K2

    The INTEX Challenger K2 kayak is a 2 person sit-in inflatable kayak, from the same company that makes the Explorer K2 inflatable kayak. This is our preview to help you to get a better look at this popular inflatable. A different design than the Explorer K2 which means that it is slightly more enclosed, with […]

  • Marlborough Sounds Paddling

    Marlborough Sounds Paddling

    The Marlborough Sounds offers a myriad of kayaking opportunities around the long coastline and there is a good spot for river and white water kayaking.

  • INTEX Explorer K2

    INTEX Explorer K2

    The INTEX Explorer K2 is a popular inflatable kayak designed for calm water paddling, read on for our review and price comparison.

  • Kayaking in The Abel Tasman National Park

    Kayaking in The Abel Tasman National Park

    Have you kayaked around the coastline of the famous Abel Tasman Park in NZ? Here is our quick guide.

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