About InflatableKayaks.co.nz

My name is Nick and I am the owner, and keen user, of an inflatable kayak!

I know from experience that when my family and I use the kayak many people are interested in it, people come over to talk about it and ask questions. Whilst there is a reasonable selection of inflatable kayaks and canoes for sale online, not that many people are aware of them.

Some people want to canoe or kayak but are unable to store or transport a rigid boat and therefore would benefit from some of the advantages that an inflatable craft offer.

This website has been created to help others to choose an inflatable canoe or kayak. The aim is to offer reviews and information with details of the different kayaks and canoes as well as accessories such as paddles.

We hope you find it useful. If you wish to get in touch please do so, we also welcome sensible comments.

Happy kayaking, Nick.