Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu

Queenstown Kayaking

Beautiful Queenstown in NZ’s South is a popular location for recreational activity. Although famous for its skifields and Bunjee jumping, there is, of course, a big lake – Lake Wakatipu – which presents some wonderful kayaking opportunities when you are there.

As well as the main lake, there are many smaller lakes and rivers including the Dart River the Shotover and Kawarau River, all provide plenty of places for getting on the water in your rigid or inflatable kayak.

Top Queenstown kayaking trips

The top kayak and canoe trips from TripAdvisor

  • Dart River Adventures – Queenstown
  • Go Orange rafting – Queenstown
  • Packrafting Queenstown
  • Moke Lake Experisnce – Queenstown
  • Flow fun canoes and rafts – Queenstown

Top Spots


Kinloch. Located at the end of Lake Wakatipu where the Dart River enters the lake, there is a beautiful spot for canoeing or kayaking, with a backdrop of the Humbolt and Richardson mountain ranges. Drive round from Queenstown through Glenorchy to get there.

Moke Lake

Moke Lake is a smaller body of water just 20 minutes outside Queenstown adjacent to Ben Lomond mountain. This is a very peaceful and slighly more remote place for a paddle outside the hustle and bustle of the main centres.

Queenstown Bay Beach

Queenstown Bay Beach is the town beach and if you don’twant to travel far this is a good place to launch your kayak for a paddle around the coastline taking in Queenstown from the water.

Other good places to launch a boat include the Twelve Mile Delta boat ramp, Sunshine Bay beach and One Mile Creek.

Dart River

The Dart River offers a wonderful to see the New Zealand natural beauty from your craft. there are some beautiful high sided rock gorges to paddle through, and wider channels with crystal clear waters and Queenstown’s snow-capped peaks in the background.

The Dart River in Queenstown is a perfect place for inflatable kayaks, and if you haven’t brought your own there are guided trips. It is also known for its jet boats.

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