INTEX Explorer K2

INTEX Explorer K2 kayak
Explorer K2 2 person inflatable kayak in lake surrounded by mountains.

The INTEX Explorer K2 kayak is a lightweight and fairly basic inflatable kayak designed for use on lakes and slow-flowing rivers.

Explorer K2 Features

  • Person capacity: 2
  • Max. capacity: 180kg
  • Size: 3.12m x 91cm
  • Material: Heavy duty vinyl. Single ply.
  • Weight: 13.9kg
  • Removable skeg

Read on for our review and description of details related to the INTEX Explorer K2.


The INTEX Explorer K2 is available for sale in a number of New Zealand shops, and international shops that will ship to NZ. Here, at publication, are some current prices, in NZD, for you to compare.

  • AliExpress – $219.02
  • Amazon – $249.85


The INTEX Explorer K2 sit-on kayak is a basic 2 person inflatable kayak made of singly ply vinyl material. Designed in a bright yellow and grey colour, for high visibility, it is a bright and cheerful craft that has inflatable seats with backrests for comfort and a low profile for easy paddling.

There are 3 inflatable air chambers, inflated by pump through two Boston valves, one on each side, for quick inflation and deflation. The front and back have seperate grab-lines and handles for maneuverability in and out of the water.

The floor is inflatable for rigidity and the material, whilst rugged, is lightweight – good for transporting – but perhaps not great for advanced kayaking and rough water. INTEX recommend the kayak for lakes and mild rivers only. We wouldn’t recommend using it for anything more than that. It does, though, come with a repair kit should you need it.

K2 Accessories

The Explorer K2 comes with the usual accessories you will need to operate the kayak such as a hand pump, described as high output, but it doesn’t say if it is a double action pump, ie. it pumps on both the pull and push. Double action pumps are recommended for quick inflation of your canoe or kayak.

Included are 2 aluminium kayak paddles, 2.18m long, the repair kit and carry bag for easy transportation.

Pros and cons of the Explorer K2 kayak


  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Good for still water, lakes and rivers


  • Basic construction
  • Not recommended for adventurous kayaking

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Photo credits: Intex Recreation Corp.


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