Bestway Inflatable Kayaks

Here we take a quick look at some of the most popular, affordable inflatable kayaks from Bestway the Chinese manufacturer of inflatable products, these are available from many stores in NZ including The Warehouse.

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Kayak trip around Pepin Island, Nelson.

Pepin Island with the Delaware Inlet in front and Cable Bay beach

A beautiful circular kayak trip around Pepin Island near Nelson at the top of NZ’s South Island, find out how to do this trip, what there is and what you may see along the way.

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Queenstown Kayaking

Kayaking opportunities abound in NZ's Queenstown

Queenstown is NZ’s recreational capital, but skiing isn’t the only activity, with a large lake a wonderful rivers you have to make time for a kayaking trip or two.

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INTEX Excursion Pro K1

A good well built inflatable kayak with fishing capabilities

The pro inflatable kayak from INTEX is a strong and well built model with fishing rod holders and a comfortable seating position.

Sevylor Coleman Colorado Fishing Kayak

The Colorado fishing kayak from Sevylor has Berkley rod holders on each side.

Finding the perfect fishing kayak is a hard job, Sevylor offer a good choice with this 2 person inflatable kayak

INTEX Challenger K1

The Intex 1 person inflatable kayak challenger k1

A simple and inexpensive one person kayak that is made for calm waters, it the INTEX Challenger K1

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Kayaking in and around Auckland

Auckland is surrounded by water and offers fantastic kayaking potential

Auckland is NZ’s main city and famous for its harbours, sailing is not the only way to enjoy these waters, there are some amazing kayaking opportunities too.

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Essential Equipment for Inflatable Kayaks

What equipment will you need for a good day out on your inflatable kayak?

Get the right equipment and accessories for your inflatable boat. Here is our guide to the essentials.

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INTEX Challenger K2

2 person inflatable sit-in kayak for use on rivers and enclosed waters

The INTEX Challenger K2 kayak is a 2 person sit-in inflatable kayak, from the same company that makes the Explorer K2 inflatable kayak. A different design than the Explorer K2 which means that it is slightly more enclosed, with a closed deck and you sit inside rather than more out in the open. The front… Continue reading INTEX Challenger K2

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